A downloadable Space Ship for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Shoot, Dodge and Win!

A star has just exploded and you have to get out of it's range! You are blocked by the Mother Ship of Invaders! You must shoot, dodge and try to not run out of space between the star explosion and the Invaders! (How many times have I said "Shoot, Dodge and Win"?)

Rocket on Apple iOS 11.3 ~ Wee! :3


- W, Up Arrow = Up

- S , Down Arrow= Down

- D,  Right Arrow = Right

- A, Left Arrow = Left

- Space = Shoot

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- Android Version is now Available

- Added Flame Effect around the edges of the screen

- Increased Missile Damage (fixed bug where you could just shoot and win before you die)

- Fixed Resolution

Install instructions

After downloading the game, make a folder and put the game in it. After that, right click it and click "Extract Here". Don't move it out of the folder!


Zero Star Windows.zip 15 MB
Zero Star Mac.zip 20 MB
Zero Star Linux.zip 21 MB
Zero Star.apk 28 MB

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