A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Game made for the BTPGameJam by:

 - CristiHKJ - Developer

- QuackedDuk - Artist

Keep your Planet alive!

Gather Resources from other Planets and use the XP you get from each Plant you find to grow your own Plants on your own Planet.

Buy an Oil Refinery to produce Fuel for you Rocket! You need it to travel to the other Planets!

Losing will reset the Game!

Note that the Saving System isn't fully Functional! If you know a way of Saving every single Object and it's Position in Unity then tell us!

How to move :

When on your own planet you can move your view by using the right mouse button. When on other planets use WASD to move around.

How to travel :

When on your own planet press Shift to go to a menu where u can select other planets. When on other planets Left Click on the rocket to get back to your original planet. Your rocket needs a certain amount of fuel to travel to other planets which is shown by the yellow bar. To get fuel you need to get experience (tutorial below) and but it from the shop and place it on your planet.

Gameplay :

You have a planet which has a certain stability (which is shown through the white bar). More plants means more stability. To plants trees you need to collect experience by going to other planets and Left Clicking and holding your cursor on the trees. After collecting the experience get back to your planet by right clicking the rocket. When you get to your planet, in the shop you can choose different stuff like trees and fuel machines. The description is given inside the shop. To place anything you just select it in the shop and Left Click anywhere in your planet. But remember the plants die out so you need to keep getting experience and keep using it to add plant.

Winning/Losing :

There is no winning in this game but instead there is a competition in who will bring the highest score. After clicking play if your planet reaches the stability of 0 the game is over for you. You need to constantly supply it with trees. The goal is basically to survive as long as you can. The score is calculated using time and not experience or planet stability (Leaderborad and Score coming soon). Losing will reset the Game.

Link to our Discord Servers:

HKJDevelopers: https://discord.gg/tCUnQDF

QuackyGames: https://discord.gg/WkkJn7A

If you like this Game be sure to check out my other one as well: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cristihkj.symbols

If you experience crashes, lower the Quality Settings!

Install instructions

After downloading the game, right click it and click "Extract Here". Don't move the .exe file out of the folder!


Life Is A Wimp Windows.zip 35 MB
Life Is A Wimp Mac.zip 39 MB
Life Is A Wimp Linux.zip 41 MB


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